Tuesday, October 12, 2010


With a spontaneous reaction, the Employees of Doordarshan & All India Radio, Hyderabad, Members from Nine associations have gathered in the premises of Doordarshan Kendra, Hyderabad and demanded for Prasar Bharati corporation scales. While the delegates of NFADE entering DDK for their meeting, the members raised their voice with a slogan "Long Live Prasar Bharati". The members from ADASA, Stenographers Associations, Group D Union, Drivers Associations, Cameramen Welfare Association, Editors Associations, DD Floor Staff, DD Painters & Carpenters Association were present in the gathering. The members have critised that some associations who were granted Prasar Bharati Corporation scales are creating hurdles in getting Corporation SCales to other cadres. The leaders of the associations warned the members not to fall prey to the cunning words of other associations, who state that the future of Prasar Bharati is in doldrums. They appraised the members that the Prasar Bharati is formed by an Act of Parliament and it will have the fullest support of Government in case of any need.


  1. The move reopened by Mr. Shajan and supported by all members of ADASA, particularly now at Hyderabad will definitely yield positve result. This is a nation-wide AIR/DD staff issue. Each and every corner should extend full support in all possible way. PC Panda, UDC, AIR, Cuttack.

  2. This unity should come in all states. Administrative people should take up the leadership of other associations. We will folow.