Tuesday, November 2, 2010


The wife asked his husband to highlight her importance “If I would not have born, whom would you marry?”. Husband immediately replied “ Your mother”. If both are equally intellectuals, there will not be any problem. If any one of the two is innocent in a team, the other one starts playing. The same thing is happening in Prasar Bharati. One of my friends said "because of the ELDER BROTHER, the employees are getting salaries in AIR & Doordarshan". I asked him “Is your Elder Brother giving from his pocket?” . My friend replied”NO No NO…because of the efforts of Elder Brother, we are getting salaries”. He also said ”Only because of Elder Brother, We are enjoying all government benefits like sixth pay commission, CGHS, Government Accommodation, KV and so many”. I asked him “ Are you a government servant or not?” My friend “ Definitely, I am a government servant” Then I said “ All these problems are for the employees who have been drawing corporation scales. If you would not get the Pay Commission scales, you would have got the corporation scales. But your elder brother got double bonanza of corporation scales as well as Pay Commission benefits. But what about you?” My Friend said “See.. if CGHS facility is stopped, imagine the situation". I said “ I can imagine, nothing will happen. Insurance coverage will be provided to all employees. Even government is also thinking to stop the CGHS facility” My friend said “ OK. If government accommodation is not provided, where can we stay in cities?” I smiled and said “ See my friend.. there are so many staff quarters constructed for the staff of AIR & DD in all states. I don’t think there will be problem” My friend raised his voice and said “ see if Kendriya vidyala has denied admission to our children, where will our children go for studies?”. I really annoyed and said. “See my dear friend, in how may places Kendriya vidyalayas are there? all these problems are the problems of your Elder Brother at Delhi. The employees staying in zones are not having these problems. Your Elder Brother"s problem is a national problem. But he least bothers of your problem. You have no promotion for twenty years. No recruitment in your cadre for ten years. Vacancies are getting abolished. No other benefits even though working for a corporation. But your Elder Brother is getting promotion for every six years, granted Corporation Scales, again another hike with Pay commission on corporation scales, recruitment for every year in their cadre. Behind all these things, the support of paid servants like you is also there to threaten the government and to fulfill his demands.” Even then my friend is not convinced. He said “My Elder Brother told me that I will loose my job”. I really felt and told him “ alone is working two or three employees work. Your people are lesser than the actual requirement, unlike your Elder Brother. They are trying to frighten you on the name of corporation just to keep you in his control. Believe me”. My friend shook my hands and said “You are right”.

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