Monday, March 21, 2011


The administrative employees of AIR & Doordarshan were in the hopes of getting some benefit through new Recruitment Rules. Employees were expecting the change of designation and some hike in the pay scales through new Recruitment Rules. The new Recruitment Rules with change of designation and scales were prepared at Prasar Bharati but could not be considered saying that the employees are in the status of Government Servants and the present rules of DOPT are applicable to AIR & DD employees. If at all Prasar Bharati is formed full fledged, then the new Recruitment Rules will come into picture. But it is a surprise that some of the cadres working in All Indi Radio & Doordarshan were granted higher scales on the name of Prasar Bharati a long back. But when ever an issue of administrative staff comes, so many hurdles like cascading effect, DOPT rules will come into picture. It is also a surprise that the administrative association of AIR & DD is also not keen on the issue.

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  1. GOPAL KRISHEN ACHARYAMarch 23, 2011 at 10:38 PM

    sorry national council office bearers r busy in declaration of election of results so that no such notes should be pasted on this forum
    since we all sleeping over this issue and no one bothers to poke NC i.e GS/PRESIDENT.