Saturday, April 30, 2011


I could not understand why Uma Maheswaran has reacted so late against the members of ADASA who sabotaged agitations during last 12 years. How National Council can claim to achieve demands of members when National could not dare to take action against so called defectors.

He cannot deny that I (G.K.Acharya) was nominated as advisor in the year 1999 and he was also present in the meeting held at Banglore. I was continued as Advisor till 2006 as Uma realized that without the support of majority Zones it is not possible for him to oppose my nomination as advisor and ultimately he has decided that National Council does not need advice of any one to run the affairs of ADASA.

In the year 1997 when he was failed to give reply to the query raised by the then CEO and it was again me and Mr S K Pandey who tackled the situation on his behalf. He should be very honest while giving the facts to members. Which he never did and he can never. In the year 1999 he was the president and given call for agitation and came to Delhi and met me for support and now whom he is blaming for his failure? Because of my extended supporty only he could have gone for 26 days strike in Delhi. And I was very much with ADASA in spite the fact that there was difference of opinion. Can he explain under what circumstances he has deferred agitation?

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