Friday, April 29, 2011


After so many agitations and so many efforts, the Pay Parity issue of left over categories was referred to a Joint Secretaries committee. All the associations were present before the committee and presented their arguments. But the argument of NFADE in Pay Parity issue is biased . When certain staff got pay hike on some grounds, they should extend their support to others to get the same scales. Its a fact that they never demanded for higher scales to left over cadres from the common platform of NFADE, rather they have issued a strike notice if administrative staff are granted higher scales they will go on strike which is biased and immoral. When all the left over cadres have jointly pressurized the government for Pay Parity, government had come down and decided to settle the issue. Now there are two options before the government, one is to grant higher scales to left over cadres as given to certain cadres as per the 1999 order, if it is not found possible or the higher scales granted to certain cadres will have to be brought back to normal scales according to VI Pay Commission which are above the Pay commission's recommendations. When the Pay Parity issue of administrative staff was dropped by GOM, NC of ADASA made all efforts to draw the attention of government. But the efforts of the members from Andhra Pradesh are really noteworthy. A team has lead to Delhi and met so many Hon'ble Members of Parliament and Central Ministers and drawn the attention on the issue, which has yielded results and made the government to reconsider the issue of Administrative Staff. But our National Council is not clear on the issue of Pay Parity even now. It was told a long back that the issue of Pay Parity is settled in our favour. Now their version is changed, for the reasons best known to our members. Certain cadres should realise at least now, the need of unity in the same organization.

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