Friday, April 29, 2011


After getting through Departmental Examination in 1999 what effort NC has made to conduct Departmental Exams?

Why did NC sleep for seven years till 2006. Is it not a fact that NC is part of the team to cancel 2006 Departmental Exam without valid reasons?

Why did NC keep quite till 2011 on the issue of Departmental Exams? What moral right NC has to talk about Departmental Competitive exam? As NC has done nothing either for conducting the exams on time or for release of results?

How NC can claim that grant of 5500 scale to Accountants is its achievement? Is it not a fact that Assts/Accts all over India contributed financially for fighting the case?

Do the NC think Accts/HCs are alone in the association? what NC has done for the upliftment of LDCs/UDCs? Did NC ever feel that the office bearers are also an LDCs once?

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