Saturday, May 7, 2011


At last our elections are over. Most of the members have utilised their franchise. Contestants of both panels are confident about their victory. It is a good sign, the way election campaign went on in a matured manner, except a few incidents. Some supporters of a panel misused the technology i.e. the opponents mobile numbers were used to send messages in support of their raivals. But our members have enjoyed it as a joke of the event. Now the result is in a sealed cover. It will be announced on 21st of May. But the point here is who ever wins is our leader. We should support him in letter and spirit to achieve our demands. The winning team should set targets for themselves. One point that they should keep in mind is that Higher Pay Scales is not the issue. There are so many other problems. The winning team while continuing the efforts for achieving higher pay scales, they should strive hard to solve other problems simultaneously. Then only they can win the hearts of all.


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  1. Dear Collegues,
    Let me congratulate you first for your participation in the recent elections. I alongwith the other members of admn. staff in Jammu region were too enthusiatic to take part in the said voting and were eagerly waiting for day. But we could not fulfill our dream of voting as we didn't receive the ballot papers till today. After hectic parleys we were told that the said papers have been sent by post to AO, Radio Kashmir Jammu. But contacting him was also awry as according to him he did not recieve these papers. Now we have no one to blame except our luck. So finally whole Jammu region comprising of Samba, Rajouri, Poonch, Udhampur, Kathua, Jammu AIR and Doordarshan could not excercised their frenchise due to non of their fault. For God sake if any could help us, then please........