Friday, May 6, 2011


The fight on Higher Scales by administrative staff working in Prasar Bharati has completed 12 long years. Certain cadres are enjoying higher scales for all these years. When administrative staff started fighting for higher scales, after so many years government has decided to settle the issue. The proposal/rumors in air are government is going to revised the scales of certain cadres who are granted over and above, as per VI Central Pay Commission only. But here we can say that it will not be victory to administrative staff. The lowest cadre of LDC in administrative cadre has been granted grade pay of 1900 only. They should find all the ways for improvement of LDCs. The lowest cadre in the administrative cadre is very thirsty and they need upliftment in Prasar Bharati as there are no promotional avenues as in other government departments. We are fighting for Pay Parity for so long, but we have forgotten the other things like up gradation of LDC posts, Cadre restructuring, New Recruitment Rules , conducting Departmental Exams on time, creation of new posts etc. which will benefit the cadre . Even after 12 years we stand there where we were standing. We need a change ! !

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