Wednesday, July 27, 2011


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  1. We are very ignorant in our talk , hope and behavior. We have been been fooled and made once again to interpret in our own understandin and get confused. CJOs have very cleverly by stating that the hike to be withdrawn also very cleverly said that amount paid cannot withdrawn. This directly puts an end to the pay parity issue , now this clearly puts an end to all the other cadres who were dreaming of hike of pay on par with the cadres who have got the hike. The CJO's recommendations will celebrated by the other cadres who have got the pay hike, because they have primarily succeeded in their goal and slowly they will get everything what they want. I for one was also very optimistic about getting some hike of pay if not on par with them but, the CJOs recommendations have nailed the coffin box putting all our hopes and wishes in it. I hope NC and all its Advisers will wake up and debate on the issue and find out a way. .