Sunday, July 24, 2011


Employees working in Prasar Bharati should be cautious of an Octopus. It is drilling the minds of employees and injecting insecurity in the minds of employees. It makes all efforts to get all benefits from Prasar Bharati for it, but It will not allow other employees to get the same benefit from Prasar Bharati . Even though it is enjoying all benefits of Prasar Bharati for so many years, it opposes Prasar Bharati. It speaks on your behalf, it acts on your behalf against your wish and with out your concern,saying that you are opposing Prasar Bharati and denying Prasar Bharati benefits even though it is enjoying all the benefits. It says your problem is not my problem, but my problem is your problem and we should fight for my problem. It is terrorizing all employees showing Prasar Bharati as a ghost and the future of Prasar Bharati will be dark. But this octopus has stood first a long back before Prasar Bharati for corporation benefits. Now it is you to decide where to stand, come out of the clutches of this octopus, think with your own brain, shout loudly that we are neglected in Prasar Bharati because of you only!!


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