Wednesday, September 14, 2011


History repeating once again.  A new forum once again born to save the world from the crisis.  Same story, same words, requesting the support of other associations to come out of their crisis.  The name of the new ghost is changed.  They have recollected the need of unity, they are giving the slogans of "Unity Zindabad".  When the President of ADASA was kept under suspension for a long span of six months, these creatures were enjoying the show. These are the creatures who have threaten the government, if ADASA granted higher scales, they will go on lightening strike.They will not hesitate to form any number of platforms.  They will not hesitate to change any number of shapes. They request, they warn, they ride, they deceive.  They are shameless to enjoy the benefits alone, they are not benevolent, they can create as many as hurdles as they can in our path. They will do any thing to get their wish fulfilled, latter  they will never hesitate to bury  you alive. One can not compare them with human beings.  If you believe their words, you won't have rebirth. your cadre will never excuse you for ever. Leaders may forgive and forget the history, but not the common member of any association. 

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