Monday, November 21, 2011


When I enter the office on the day, no one was present  there.  I asked my only available colleague what happened to our employees.  He said half of the employees went out to meet  politicians and remaining employees went to meet the media people.  This is the situation right now we can see in AIR & Doordarshan.  Some of the staff associations in Prasar Bharati are acting like political parties and spending most of the time with politicians or with media people.  As you are all aware of the reason that Prasar Bharati has derecognized  the associations.  You may get a doubt, if PB has derecognized the associations, they can apply for recognization once again on the same pattern and Prasar Bharati has to recognize the staff associations at one time.  But why the associations leaders are very much worried and after the   politicians  and news papers? Yes, now you have come to the point.  Because the employees who are very much worried may lose the illegal benefits, enjoying for a decade.  These association leaders have higher managing skills.  They can manage any one.  They have managed higher officials all these years.  Now they are managing media.  But who can trust the media now a days when paid news filling the papers?  Are there any values in media?  Even if there, will be very less.  Every event of Prasar Bharati is on top of news.  Even the issue of derecognization of associations or again the notice of recognization have occupied vital pages. But this media doe’nt know some of the employees  of Prasar Bharati have swallowed crores of  tax payers money against the rules on the name of (illegal)salaries and (illegal) MACPs.  And they started throwing mud when somebody  has tried to stop them from illegal income.  If somebody can dig out, it will also be one of the biggest scams of India. Prasar Bharati will be self sufficient only when it can stop the employees from illegal-benefits. Now We have to give a slogan "Save AIR & Doordarshan from Employees". 

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