Friday, November 18, 2011


It is known to all our members that Prasar Bharati Secretariat has issued an order on 08.09.2011 stating that no  employees associations in AIR & Doordarshan is  recognized and should not be extended any kind of preferential treatment and should be applied absolutely without distinction and no departure or interference should be allowed in its implementation.  Copy of any circular issued by office will be sent to President or General Secretary of recognized association only.  Even after declaration of Associations in AIR & DD as unrecognized by Prasar Bharati Secretariat, DG:AIR has sent a copy  of Order to the President of ARTEE and GS of ADTEA  see their Order  No.  14/22/2011.SIV(B), dated 11.11.2011 on grant of MACP to Assistant Engineers.  It gives impression that they don't want to follow  the orders of PB Secretariat.  But they have not followed the same rule  in the case of Promotion Orders of AOs issued on 16.11.2011 where in it was not marked to ADASA.  DG:AIR officials have shown their special regards towards ARTEE, ADTEA keeping aside the orders of Prasar Bharati Secretariat. And it  gives impression that  DG:AIR has recognized these two associations and they don’t want to strain their “relation” with ARTEE & ADTEA. 


  1. Of course, the said two associations are the "Big Bosses' in AIR & DD Set up. So, for reasons quite obvious that they are regarded as the masters of all. How undemocratically the organisations are run. Till date, the saying holds good 'might is right'. Very pathetic indeed !

  2. It must be widely circulated throgh various news to unfold the double standards and discrimination in Highest level of Government Office like DG: AIR

  3. The name of prasar bharti should be changed to artee bharti