Wednesday, January 25, 2012


It is known to members that Prasar Bharati has derecognized all the associations of All India Radio & Doordarshan saying that the associations have not completed the formalities as per DOPT norms.  All the privileges  extended to office bearers have been withdrawn by Prasar Bharati secretariat and instructed all subordinate offices not to give any special treatment to associations.  Recently a DDA from DG:AIR has been sent back to his parental department  for disobeying the orders of Prasar Bharati Secretariat by sending the office circulars to some associations .  Now DG: AIR is going to fill up that vacancy of DDA.  It is learned that some of the associations are making trials behind the screen for a person, who is  favor  of these associations, to be posted as DDA.  Let us hope and trust that DG:AIR will post a person that who can properly guide and help all the employees but not some associations. 

Update/27.01.2012: DG:AIR has posted Shri Rajesh Kumar, DDA in place of Shri Dalal.


  1. The only rule prevailing in Prasar Bharati is MIGHT IS RIGHT. The Programme-Engineering association's coalition (in various name it shows the existence for their own reason) is deciding everything and the CEO...SO AND SO... all are helpless entities. They will come and go without doing much for the department and WE a bunch of FOOLISH people vulnerable in all the circumstances are crying about the foul play.

  2. we should also concentrate on conducting of exams for admn staff which are being delayed un necessarily like our other dpcs. I humbly request my adasa to pursue the matter and make the.conducting of exams possible in April or May this year.