Sunday, February 26, 2012


We welcome Shri Jawahar Sirkar, the new Chief Executive Officer of Prasar Bharati, the Autonomous Public Broadcaster.  Everybody in Prasar Bharati is anxiously awaiting to see how he is going to handle the funds starved Prasar Bharati with 6 to 8 hundred Crores deficit budget annually on one hand  and over-burdened with 30 to 40% surplus staff in Technical wings, eating away the Revenue earnings through salaries and other over heads on the other.  It is quite interesting to note whether he opts to go along with changing technology with lesser staff or to continue with age old and obsolete technology and machinery.  It is not a cake walk for him in the midst of shortage of funds and excess staff and unrest of a section of employees due to wage discrimination.  A bold initiative with strong determination is necessary to strengthen and to make self reliant the Public Broadcaster.  Hope, he will continue the steps initiated by his predecessor to curb wasteful unproductive expenditure and show courage to adopt the changing technology to compete with other media partners while initiating steps to stop the wage discrimination among staff.

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