Monday, March 19, 2012


It is reliably learned that Ministry of I&B has realized on MACPs granted to certain cadres of Prasar Bharati are illegal.   The previous CEO of Prasar Bharati has already made it clear a long back that the payments to certain cadres are illegal. After the statement of that CEO he was thrown mud and certain cadres of employees tried to defame his name and tried to involve him in corruption charges. But the internal audit of Ministry has also pointed the payments to certain cadres and made the Ministry to accept that the payments to certain cadres are illegal. Now Ministry has taken a decision to withdraw the benefits granted to certain cadres. If it is so, Ministry has to accept that the scales granted to certain cadres are only corporation scales and it should be extended to all the remaining employees working in Prasar Bharati irrespective of cadre and cascading. Now it is the time for certain cadres to think, as they have taken all advantages by divide and rule policy and making mockery of rules. Any one can easily say with a little knowledge that the employees who are drawing over and above the Pay Commission Scales, can not be treated as government employees, and they can not enjoy the higher scales of corporation and the Central Pay Commission benefits simultaneously.  Now another new Federation may born to save the world peace. But no association in Prasar Bharati is recognized right now.  Let us wait and see, how PB Secretariat  will react !! But the administrative staff of AIR and Doordarshan are always against the blackmailing tacktics of any one in the organization and support the government and CEO of Prasar Bharati taking any bold steps against the blackmailing politics of employees.

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