Thursday, March 29, 2012


There are so many wonders taking place in and around All India Radio & Doordarshan.  Every office has its own way of functioning.  Every one is the king of their kingdom (office) and issue circulars/instructions and surprising the employees like any thing. After issue of a circular by Inspection Unit of DG:AIR that the employees who are in receipt of Prasar Bharati scales are not eligible for MACPs and recovery the excess payments made, another section of DG:AIR has issued office order granting MACPs to remaining employees and surprised the all employees. Now Office of Chief Engineer, North Zone has over come all these surprisings by asking clarification bypassing DG:AIR & PB Secretariat written a letter to DOPT whether an employee (Prasar Bharati employee) can be granted 4th up gradation on the name of MACP.  This is another example of utmost obedience of officers towards certain cadres.  Letter placed for information of members.    But joke of the letter is that scales mentioned in the letter were not in existence during the years. Just creating confusion and taking the advantage.  


  1. Dear friends,

    Comments of Anonymous dated 24.02.2012 on the MACP recovery Note of the DG,AIR Inspection Unit of some Godfather rising up to find a way out to protect the interests of their dear ones is quit visible and getting confirmed by the above clarification sought by CE(NZ) directly with th DOPT.

    As mentioned, there is no protocol or O/o CE(NZ) does not care for the organisational set-up. Will the Directorate and Prasar Bharati Sectt., atleast wake up now since their existence itself is in question. Act of insubordination is subversive of discipline and amounts to misconduct as per CCS(Conduct) Rules. A serious breach of authority has been committed by the O/o CE(NZ) overstepping their authority on the jurisdiction of seeking clarification to protect the interest of their dearest ones. THE FOSTER CHILDREN OF THIS DEPARTMENT LOOK FOR JUSTICE WHILE THE GODFATHER OF THE FAVOURITE CHILD IN THE DEPARTMENT DEFEAT THE CALL FOR JUSTICE. WILL THE DIRECTOR GENERAL, AIR & PRASAR BHARATI SECCTT. TAKE APPROPRIATE DISCIPLINARY ACTION AND ISSUE STERN WARNING TO ALL SUCH ACTS IN FUTURE???????? The cat drinking milk with eyes closed is being watched closely by the THIRD EYE

  2. As the famous hindi film song goes "It happens only in India", such things can happen only in Prasar Bharati. A certain section of the staff are being pampered and provided with all benefits (read: illegal) and depriving other deserving cadres of any parity. It is really surprising that the higher ups in the Directorate/Ministry are turning a blind eye to this step-motherly treatment meted out. It is high time that AIR re-define their logo "Bahujan Hitaay, Bahujan Sukhay" and add "Kuchh karmachari Dukhaay"!