Monday, June 18, 2012


UPSC and SSC have both refused to select for a non-Governmental organization, thus creating a new problem for the Ministry/Prasar Bharati. While deploring the situation on finalisation of recruitment rules and setting up of Recruitment Board leading from worse to worst scenario, the Committee said it "fails to understand how DD and AIR can work effectively without filling the critical vacancies."
It wanted its concerns to be adequately conveyed to the respective Ministries. Meanwhile, the Ministry should also finalise the strategy to fill the vacancies on a fast track basis so that the recruitment commences immediately when the Recruitment Board and Recruitment Rules are in place so as to enable Prasar Bharati to fill up the vacancies within the shortest possible timeframe.

Proposal on boards pending before dept of expenditure

The proposal for setting up a Prasar Bharati Recruitment Board was approved by Prasar Bharati Board on 21 July 2010 and discussed in the Ministry and a final proposal was referred to the Department of Personnel and Training on 15 February 2011. DOP&T concurred with the proposal in June 2011 and the comments of the Department of Expenditure (DOE) were also received on 28 September last year. The DoE had requested that a separate proposal be formulated for creation of posts for the secretariat of Prasar Bharati Recruitment Board and also requested for drafting of agreement containing terms and conditions of the members of the Board. This had been done and the proposal sent to DoE in February 2012 and would then be sent to Law Ministry. In its report in August last year, the Committee had urged Prasar Bharati to send a proposal for filling up 3452 essential categories of posts to the DoE, based on the report of the National Productivity Council giving full justification for such recruitment. The Ministry is now in the process of seeking cabinet approval, for which a cabinet note has already been circulated for inter-Ministerial consultation. After obtaining the approval of the Cabinet, Prasar Bharati shall undertake the process for filling up the essential category of posts.

Source: India Television 

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