Thursday, July 19, 2012


Confederation of Central Government Employees has proposed a march to Parliament on 26th of this month and making vast arrangement for the employees who want to participate in the march.  The Confederation has putforth a charter of 14 demands out of which Pay Commission for every five years, Merger of DA with Pay, Filling up of vacant posts, Revision of OTA & night weightage rates, scraping of New Pension Scheme are the main points.   Executive Members of Confederation have toured a long way and conducted many meetings in all the states to mobilize the gathering on march to parliament.  Even though the response from the employees during meetings is not encouraging, it is expected that a good gathering will be there on 26th at Jantar Mantar.  The efforts of Confederation is highly appreciated. Unless there is a demand, employees can not achieve any thing.

The high hopes of employees have faded after the meeting of National Anomaly Committee held on 17th of this month.  The issue of MACP was not taken up during the meeting, Revision of Grade Pay is dropped ( Most of the employees expected to insist the Proposal of Grade Pay to lower cadre by confederation), Pay Band for merged scales is also not accepted. 

Leaving all this, a peculiar situation has raised with the employees of All India Radio and Doordarshan.  The employees who are granted corporation scales and drawing more than the Central Pay Commission scales are participating in the March to parliament.  But the employees  who are the real government servants and drawing salaries as per Pay Commission are keeping mum.  


  1. Intersrest of law paid employee allways ignored. . Burning issues related to lawer cadres again dropped in the 17th july 2012 meeting. It create frustration among particularly ldc/udc cadre of cg. Now, let's see how the said committee justified the word "anomaly" for ldc/udc on the 27th july 2012 meet. However, let we hope for the best.

  2. all central govt. organisation other than css cadre as autonomous body, subordinate body field office etc should make an association to save their interests being treated inferior against counterparts of css cadre. It will never allow the govt to do so

  3. This is yet another act of the sub-ordinate Engineering cadre Association of AIR/DD alinging with an organisation aimed to protect their interests of pay already granted and also hijacking the ACP/MACP benefits with the help of Confederation of CG employees & workers. In the past their leadership has conveniently joined various platforms and joint venture organisations to safeguard their own interests. They are aware of their issues and hence their leaders are pretending to be the crusaders of Central Government employees movement in AIR/DD......Sincerely hope all left out cadres...realise this fast.....GREAT WORK ANYWAYS...

    V.Subramaniam, HPT, Malad, Mumbai