Friday, August 3, 2012


You are aware that the wage discrimination is continuing in Prasar Bharati for more than a decade. To set right the issue,  Group of Ministers have met repeatedly and finally formed a committee with Joint Secretaries to look into the matter.    The recommendations of COJS are produced as it is for information of members.

The committee noted that the Government introduced the Assured Career Progression (ACP) Scheme, in September, 1999, by which the employees were given two up gradations on completion of 12 and 24 years of service.  These orders were issued subsequent to the approval of the proposal to grant higher pay scales.
It would also not be out of context to mention that while the categories other than 11 which were upgraded, are demanding the upgraded scales granted to these 11 categories, the demand of NFADE is that, if other categories are upgraded, then one step higher pay scales should be given to the 11 categories which were upgraded.  The demand is not based on any functional justice.
Keeping all the above factors in view, the Committee is of the view that  apart from the fact that no change is possible in the case of cadres identified by Prasar bharati as exclusive to them, there were also no justification to continue with the higher pay scales in respect of the 11 categories which were upgraded on account of the fact that all employees recruited upto 05.10.07 shall be on deemed deputation and shall be entitled to the pay and other benefits as admissible to an employee of the Central Government.  These upgraded scales should therefore, be withdrawn.
To sum up the Committee therefore recommends as follows:-
(i)                 The upgraded pay scales granted to 11 categories vide order dated 25.02.1999 may be withdrawn.  This is consonance with the spirit of the then Cabinet decision according to which the employees were not to be entitled to the upgraded pay scales in the event of their not getting absorbed in Prasar Bharati.  It may also be mentioned in this context that the new recruits were, in any case, not being granted the upgraded pay scales.  These 11 categories would, therefore, be entitled to pay scales drawn by direct recruits.
(ii)               As far as the other categories are concerned, they have been given the pay scales recommended by the Fifth Pay Commission and subsequent replacement scales recommended by the Sixth Pay Commission based on their qualification and other criteria.  Any disturbance of these pay scales maya generate demand from various other categories in the Central Government which have similar qualifications.  The demands for higher pay scales in the case of these categories has arisen due to the higher scales granted to the 11 categories and since, in the case of the 11 categories, it is proposed to withdraw the upgraded scales which was the basis of their demand for higher pay scales, this issue would be settled. 
(iii)             In view of the fact that the 11 categories which were granted higher pay scales have been drawing these pay scales for a long period and the sudden withdrawal of these scales would lead to the drop in their emoluments, it is recommended that treating these as cases of hardship, their basic pay may be protected till their next promotion/retirement, whichever is earlier.  Many of the employees may have already retired and recovery of pension should not be possible.  This would also mean that no recoveries of any amount already paid due to grant of higher pay scales earlier would be required to be made.
(iv)             Some of the Associations referred to stagnation in their cadres.  The specific requirements of various cadres can be taken care of by cadre restructuring and better cadre management without altering the pay scales.  

(v)               Any other issues related to withdrawal of the higher scales can be examined by file by Ministry of I&B in consultation with DOPT/Ministry of Finance.

  Now the hight of the issue is, Prasar Bharati has called for the views of all Associations on 05.08.2011  on the above issue.  By today i.e. on 05.08.2012 it has completed one year.  Neither the Ministry nor Prasar Bharati could take any action on Wage discrimination. 

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  1. Government knows how to handle things in their own way. Things move only if there is a political will. Recent development of the Lokpal bill is one such example. All struggle succeed only when there is a political will. The pay scale granted to the 11 categories is nothing but the Political will of the then Govt. For the sake of administrative convenience and legitimacy, justifications and various theories are planted.