Saturday, December 1, 2012


The process of recognition of associations in Prasar Bharati has not completed by 30th of November, as expected by employees.  It is learnt that Ministry of I & B has returned the file to Prasar Bharati  raising some technical objections.  It is aware that some of the associations have filed a case and the Hon'ble court has given 30th of November as deadline for completion of recognition process.  Now we will have to watch  how  the ministry and Prasar Bharati are going to act on this matter.  On the other side it is reliably known that government is making efforts to take over the News wings of AIR & leaving Programme wing under its control of Prasar Bharati. At the same time Ministry and Prasar Bharati have been concentrating to settle the internal staff matters like Pay anomalies and filling up of vacancies.  Even though Prasar Bharati is in favour to settle the issues in a positive way, it appears that Ministry is pressurizing to withdraw the scales granted to certain cadres to bring parity.  But the employees are not in a position to face the management as they have become naked without rights after de-recognition of associations. Some Associations are solely responsible for this situation as their over enthusiasm to interfere in the administrative, financial, and policy matters which is prerogatory of the management. 

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