Monday, February 25, 2013


29th National Council meeting of ADASA was held at Mathura on 24th February, 2013. in Uttar Pradesh. Zonal Council Members, representatives, National Council Advisers and other delegates apart from National Council Members   have attended the meeting. President Shri G.K. Acharya and  General Secretary Shri V. Prasad have informed the members that National Council is committed on cadre restructuring and filling up vacancies. They  said they will make all efforts for implementation of Hon'ble CAT, Chandigarh Judgmen and EP is being filed.  It is proposed to arrange legal fund for court cases for which all members will have to contribute and the proposal was accepted by  members. A three member committee is formed with Shri Ramesh Chouhan from Delhi, Shri Srinivas from Hyderabad and Shri Anil Soni from Jalandhar to peruse the court case and to coordinate with National Council, zonal council and members. Shri R.S. Bhandari,  National Council Adviser and Former Vice President has recollected the mistake  committed by National Council during 1995 by not accepting the proposal of Government for  up-gradation of LDC posts by surrendering the vacant posts because of which all the LDCs are continuing as LDCs with out promotions even after twenty years.  The meeting was ended with vote of thanks by Shri Jatan Singh, Organizing Secretary. 

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