Saturday, March 9, 2013


The employees associations in Prasar Bharati have been recognized at last by the Ministry.  Some of the associations may feel happy for the step taken by government, but not the Associations from left out cadres who were not granted PB Scales.  As these Associations have not taken up the issue, and never thought that de-recognition is an issue.  The employees from the left out cadres neither got something from recognition of Association nor lost something through de-recognition.  The only issue in all the minds of employees is equality,  equality with certain cadres of employees who are granted the Corporation scales.  Even now these associations having hope that Prasar Bharati will settle the issue in favour of left out cadres.  While Prasar Bharati and DG:AIR are making efforts to settle the issue,  it is reliably learnt that some of the Associations who are granted higher scales are lobbying against the recommendations of Prasar Bharati and DG:AIR. These associations have shown  their cruel mind once again for which all the associations have to condemn and fight unitedly  against the evil forces.  Prasar Bharati has experienced the interference  of certain associations in all administrative and financial matters through blackmailing tack ticks. Every employee is wishing that these associations should not be allowed to ride once again on organization.  Horse rider should control the horse, but horse should not control the horse rider.  There is already a clear division among employees with the activities of some associations, and such type of activities against co-employees are immoral and widen the gap.  The persons who are separated mentally can never join together. Let us hope and pray the god that the minds of these associations should be cleared, evil thoughts removed and act like human beings. 

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