Tuesday, August 6, 2013


When all Government Servants are anxiously waiting to hear a decision from the Government in regard to grant of grade pay in promotional hierarchy at the time of 1st/2nd Financial upgradation as per the CAT, Principal Bench Judgement, it is given to understand that the government is opting to go for judicial review.  The government instead of implementing the judgement gracefully, which will benefit the employees in general and particularly the employees at lowest rung.  It is a fact that grant of Hierarchical grade pay is detrimental to the interest of employees.  The Hon’ble CAT has rightly observed and opined that any new scheme brought in place of old one should be beneficial than that that of the existing one.  It is quite unfortunate that that the government, instead of sticking to  its guns, should have implemented the judgement as it benefits the employees at lowest rung.   It is high time that the Confederation of Central Government Employees to take up the issue at appropriate level for implementation.  It is pathetic to note that the confederation is not raising its voice even today on any issue pertaining to LDCs.   No one can deny the fact that injustice took place while framing the Grade Pay structure at lowest rung.  Better late than never.  It is appealed to all  leaders to put their minimum effort in implementing the CAT Judgement which will benefit maximum number of employees.  

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  1. Neither Govt. nor Association thought about lowest rung employees. Govt. also go through judicial review instead of implementation of judgement of Hon'ble CAT Principal Bench. Now LDCs are working not less than UDCs but drawing GP only 2000 or 2800. It's only possible in here & no one will raise voice against this injustice.