Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Narayan Bhat (name changed), 80, dreads the days ahead. Now on, he has to shell out a minimum of Rs 20,000 every month for his treatment. Bhat worked in the accounts' wing of the defence department and his chronic renal illness was covered under the cashless facility of the Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS). 

It hasn't been the same since March 7. With private hospitals refusing to offer treatment under the CGHS cashless facility, the ones affected are retired, working central government employees and their families across the nation.

"My father has to undergo dialysis three days a week. Imagine the plight of patients whose surgeries are scheduled. CGHS beneficiaries who served the nation in various capacities are now caught between the government and private hospitals. My father's treatment will cost a minimum of Rs 20,000 a month from now on. It's not easy," Bhat's daughter told TOI. He undergoes dialysis in one of the city's multi-specialty hospitals.

Source: TOI

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