Friday, December 12, 2014


The present speaking order of the MIB in the Core professionals matter is an interesting stand of the Ministry of I & B on the matter of upgraded payscales.

Where is the department heading  ? and where has the NFADE taken all of us................more so, where do these particular 11 categories stand? 

1) Payscales granted to special 11 categories of employees for working in Prasar Bharati.

2) Fact remains  all are working in Prasar Bharati and will continue to work in PB without any alternative.

3) Benefits for working in Prasar Bharati surrendered by these 11 categories of employee under the banner of NFADE by demanding and allowing amending section 11 of Prasar Bharati Act.

4) Result  - All employees joined  before 05/10/2007 employees of Government of India on deemed deputation to PB with Govt pay scales and rules admissible to Central Goverment employees.

5) Fate of pay scales and pension including payscales ACP/MACP of these 11 categories in particular a cause of worry.  Matters unsettled due to objections.  The present speaking order in Core Professional's matter speaks it loud :   ARE THESE EMPLOYEES  STILL ENTITLED TO UPGRADED PAY SCALES...........DT.25.02.1999, that too, WHEN THE FACT IS THAT THIS ORDER NON-EST.

6)Prasar Bharati Board is defending the pay scales to these 11 categories and also recommending additional freebies arising out of these anomalies IN THE FORM OF ACP / MACP SAME WORK SAME PAY.......??

7) Ministry is certain and fixed to its stand that sec.11 is amended and there shall be no advantage of payscales arising out of earlier sec.11 where option was to be exercised.

8) Directorate is confused, it issues an order on the directions of MIB and later withdraws the same on the intervention of AFFECTED associations and Prasar Bharati.

9) Stations are pressurised to work and re-work again and again on fixations and also pension papers at the instances of PAOs

10) Those who have got the benefits want to retain them.  While those who have  do not have these benefits want it for them too. 

The tree yielding this fruit sec.11 has been trimmed.

Where does this situation now lead.........Time for all to see this.  I am sure this action will last for at least another 11 years by the time about 90% Deemed Deputationists would be gone.

We remain....but will the organisation!!!!!!!!!!!  Do we have any role??

Venkatesh Subramaniam
HPT, AIR, Malad, Mumbai

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