Friday, November 20, 2015


VII Pay Commission has submitted its report to Finance Minister on 19.11.2015.  Recommendations of Pay Commission:
1. FIXATION OF PAY: The are three types of slabs.  Slab I is 1 to 5 Level, Slab II is 6 to 9 Level and More then 9 Level.  For fixation of Basic Pay on 1 to 5 Levels Fraction of 2.57.  Basic Pay +Grade Pay X 2.57 (This is applicable up to 2800 Grade Pay).  From the Level of more than 6 Basic Pay + Grade Pay X 2.62 (This is applicable from 4200 Grade Pay). Other Cases Specifically as recommended by Commission.

2. Dearness Allowance will be as per CPI

3. HRA will be 24%, 16% and 8% as per the classification of cities X,Y,Z.  If  DA crosses 50%, HRA will be revised to 27%,18%,9% as per classification of cities.

4. As far as Transport Allowance is concerned there will be only two classifications. Higher TPTA Cities and Others. For Higher TPTA Cities, for level 1 to 2  1350+DA, For Level 3 to 8 3600+DA, For Level 9 and above 7200+DA.

For other Cities 900+DA, 1800+DA, 3600+DA respectively.

5. CGHS to extend another 25 cities all over india.  At the same time Pay Commission recomended for insurance based scheme also.

6. CGEGIS to increase, up to level 5 Rs.1500, Level 6 to 9 will be 2500, Level 10 and above 5000

7. Commission recommended to abolish Family Planning Increment

8. Child Care Leave to extend single male parent also.

9. Gratuity for retiring employees to enhance from 10 Lakhs to 20 Lakhs

10. There will be no change in Commutation and Restoration Period

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