Dear Friends!
You may  look at the claim of NFADE  or for the matter of fact, more specifically  the Leaders of the Association of Engineering Employees i.e.,ARTEE /ADTEA,  referring  the recent decision of the cabinet to extend deemed deputation till retirement to all employees appointed till 5th October 2007  as their achievement.
Infact, I wonder their belief about this being an “ACHIEVEMENT” in itself.  In fact, It is an utter  miscalculation  and lack of understanding of the term “DEEMED DEPUTATION” and its implication., that has led to all sorts of confusion for the past so many years.  This has finally put all the employees including the Engineering/Programme employees  in this hopeless situation.  You all may be aware that among the employees only the  ADASA, the UADEE, the Ministry of I& B, the Chairman, GOM and the Standing Committee all of them observed  “deemed deputation” to be  a fairly clumsy arrangement.  Unfortunately the NFADE never realize this until they woke up to the real threat.  This is because the leaders of these benefitted associations were always trying to protect themselves and their cadre with the special privilege of upgraded payscales, which till date they believe is meant “only for them”.  This clear short sighted motive made them to overlook the real threat and accept this analogy and treat this as their first victory.
Needless to mention at the first instance, the leaders of these associations under the guise of 24 association under the banner of the Federation (NFADE) were not sure about their own demands If we look back, we may recollect NFADE initially protested against the admission being denied to children of AIR/DD employees in Kendriya Vidyalaya, denial of CGHS facilities and Government accommodation and later on changed to arrangement like
Railway Board, Election Commission and finally Rollback/Repeal PB act.   The Government was kind enough to intervene for the demands of NFADE and restored the  CGHS/Kendriya Vidyalaya/Govt.Accodomotation facilities by extending deemed deputation status which was welcomed by these employees even without examining or understanding the term and the threat therein.  It is only when ADASA pointed the implications of the  “Deemed Deputation” and a debate was spurred up,  the leaders of this federation realized their mistake only after the concerns of the ADASA were presented before the Hon’ble MIB, GOM and the Standing Committee however since they still continued with the short sighted motive of protecting their upgraded payscales and further hijacking the ACP and MACP benefits of further pay upgradation which would be applied to them on their being Central Government employees on whatever grounds even “deemed deputation”, they never questioned the “deemed deputation” tag.  NEEDLESS TO MENTION THE AMOUNT OF PRESSURE THEY APPLY UNDER DIFFERENT BANNERS (nfade/jfade/sss/Joint Forum of Recognised Association etc…etc..) AND  THE HOLD THEY HAVE ON THIS DEPARTMENT TO GET THESE (MACP) ORDERS ISSUED AND IMPLEMENTED WITHOUT FOLLOWING THE LAID OUT NORMS, NOT THE LEAST THEY ALSO HAVE THE AUTHORITIES IN THE DEPARTMENT TO CLARIFY AND DIRECT IMPLEMENTATION OF THESE BENEFITS TO THEIR ADVANTAGE WITHOUT THEM BEING INCOMPETENT FOR SUCH DIRECTIONS.  It is like “Munnabhai executing sale deed of Gateway of India”
Now that the MACP orders have been issued, implemented and benefits passed on to these employees over and above  the upgraded pay scales which was granted to them with an undertaking to work with Prasar Bharati, these employees under the false guise of the 24 association/Federation (which nowhere exists) have made the Government to decide “deemed deputation” to be extended to all the employees without them having to undergo the pains of exercising the option as under Sec.11 .  It is really worthwhile to refer this as “the voice of the favoured being heard”.  Apart from ADASA  and another set of employees the UADEE         (an union of the engineering employees) no other association or their employees have ever resisted their protest against the deemed deputation and amendment to the original section 11 from their Central Headquarters(If they really exist).  With a fair bit of understating of the situation, I firmly believe that even though if the seniority of the existing employees would prevail over the newly recruited Prasar Bharati employees and count for their promotion etc, the day is not far when the left over deemed deputationinsts particularly the youngest amongst the existing employees (including the present leaders of the so called Federation) would be reduced to minority and the employees borne in Prasar Bharati calling shots for their cadre upliftment leaving us “the deemed deputationists” to be mere onlookers as we may not be the the voice of the favoured  then .  I hope the heat has already started to be felt now.
Any ways….individual feelings and understanding of the situation does not carry much sense and time alone will make all of us and all those neglected to feel cheated by the BIG SHARKS who have never treated the small fishes as their breed.  I AM SURE IT MAY BE TOO LATE THEN….HOWEVER I CONGRATULATE AND PASS MY SPECIAL  KUDOS TO THE AIRTVADMIN BLOG AND THE BLOGMASTER FOR BRINGING OUT THIS DISCUSSION. (Hope my comment gets posted)


Dear Blog master,  My feeling about the intention of the blog is getting confirmed through your action. As expected, you have chosen not to post my reply to your reaction and even the President who used to be very active with blog has chosen to remain conspiciously silent.

V.Subramaniam, AIR, Mumbai

Dear Mr Subramanyam from AIR, Mumbai, we are surprised on your comments. Don"t you know the feelings of a common member of ADASA? You mean to say that ADASA should not open mouth for ever but to say that the issue is settled? If you have any suggestion come out openly. More over you don't know what happened at Press Meet. Pl give ur mail ID, so that we can send a copy of Press Release
Dear Collegues,
Let me congratulate you first for your participation in the recent elections. I alongwith the other members of admn. staff in Jammu region were too enthusiatic to take part in the said voting and were eagerly waiting for day. But we could not fulfill our dream of voting as we didn't receive the ballot papers till today. After hectic parleys we were told that the said papers have been sent by post to AO, Radio Kashmir Jammu. But contacting him was also awry as according to him he did not recieve these papers. Now we have no one to blame except our luck. So finally whole Jammu region comprising of Samba, Rajouri, Poonch, Udhampur, Kathua, Jammu AIR and Doordarshan could not excercised their frenchise due to non of their fault. For God sake if any could help us, then please......


Dear Friend,
If a person does any good work for society, it should be praised and u did this. Thanks for that. It is true that the report of Committee of Jt. Secretaries is sweet result of ADASA National Council's tough labour. Now, something will happen definetely in our favour. Members of AP zone have also done good job in Delhi and they should also to be praised but I want to add some more fact. Almost each and every zone has contributed their best to the association. All Zonal Councils have tried their best to support the National Council as well as our long pending demand.I do not want to mention here about a particular zone's contribution, but want to press that for the success of an association, input of every member is imperative.
At last, I also want to greet our National Council for their hard-hitting job.

JAI ADASA   R. N. Mishra  Z/S, ADASA, Bihar & Jharkhand  

T. Jayakumar, LDC, O/o the DDG (SR-1), AIR, Chennai
R.V. Padmanaban, LDC, Marketing Division, Chennai 
V. Muralidharan, LDC, AIR, Chennai
M. Somasundaram, LDC, AIR, Chennai

Shri. J.M. Singh
Returning Officer
(ADASA National Election 2011)
Tel : 022-28803064 ® /09869437218
Fax : (o)28882867 email :

Respected Sir, 
      As you may be aware 15th of April 2011 is the last date for withdrawal of Nominations and normally the final list of candidates is available after scrutiny in a day or two, say i.e. 17th of April 2011.  But till date the list is not uploaded for Tamil Nadu Zone.  
    The eligible list of voters (members)  in Tamil Nadu Zone may kindly be posted on the website and copy be sent to us to enable us to canvass.
    At this juncture, we would like to remind you of our earlier email dated 20.04.2011 at 3.34 PM    in which we had informed you regarding our grievance with the presiding officer of All India Radio - Mr. Selva Peter, ARO,  AIR, Chennai and requested for a change. But till now we have not received any reply.  We hope you would give a sympathetic consideration to atleast this mail. However the content of the email is given below: - 
----------------------------------------------------------------------------Earlier mail content----
          T. Jayakumar, LDC, O/o the DDG (SR-1), AIR, Chennai
          R.V. Padmanaban, LDC, Marketing Division, Chennai
          V. Muralidharan, LDC, AIR, Chennai
          M. Somasundaram, LDC, AIR, Chennai
       Shri. J.M. Singh
       Returning Officer
       (ADASA National Election 2011)
         Tel : 022-28803064 ® /09869437218
       Fax : (o)28882867 email : 

Respected Sir,

       We would like to introduce ourselves as candidates who are contesting the ADASA elections for Zonal Council from the Tamil Nadu Zone.  On 12th evening the Presiding Officer Shri. Selva Peter, ARO telephoned us and informed us that he will not be coming to Office on 15th and asked us as to whether we are withdrawing our nominations.  

But when we enquired with our other friends who have filed their nominations, we found that he neither rang them nor asked them with regard to withdrawal.  Now we are of the opinion that at the behest of the existing Committee members, Shri. Selva Peter, ARO, Chennai has asked us over phone.  Now we feel that since Shri. Selva Peter is very biased and one sided & he may not be a good Presiding Officer and we request you to kindly nominate a new person.

It is not wise to expect anything positive from our "leaders". As has been happening all these decades, all the benefits, if any, will be restricted to posts up to the level of HC/Acctt. UDCs and LDCs will be left out in the lurch....... It would be better if we do not expect any thing from our association.

Pradip P Menon, AIR, Calicut, Kerala
Mr Sangam Thakur and Mr Uma Mageswaran should highlight their achievement during their present tenure and then think for the next election. Only capturing the post and passing time is not at all praiseworthy. I mean when We received 'O' then their achievement is also 'O' , irrespective of their efforts and approaches. Staffs now thinking about the utility of ADASA for which the main responsible persons are the President and Secretary of the present NC.

Bapi Dey, DDK, Dibrugarh, Assam
Dear Sir,  
Refrence to the election notification of ADASA issued under your signature as  RETURNING OFFICER,
ADASA NATIONAL ELECTION 2011 I found that this has been issued in very casual manner. Which is evident from the following process of filing nomination. 
1. Date of commencement of filing of nomination at the unit : 22nd March, 2011
2. Closing date for filing of nomination at the unit : 25th March, 2011
3. Last date of withdrawal at the unit : 15th April, 2011
4. Date of Election : 06th May, 2011
5. Counting of ballots and declaration of results : 13th May,2011

It is matter of surprise that Returning officer has no role to play in declaring the final list or scrtunity of nomination. The last date of withdrwal of nomination is left to Unit Level it is quite surprising and deviate from the common process of election and further no last date of submission of nomination paper to Returning officer is mentioned it raise doubts that election results are preplanned . Please look into this and please make necessary changes in process of Election and in case it is to be postponed it should be decided. The suggested process is as under:-
1. Date of commencement of filing of nomination at the unit : 22nd March, 2011
2. Closing date for filing of nomination With RO: 7th April,2011
3. List of candidate going to contenst Election :
10th April,2011
3. Last date of withdrawal From RO : 15th April, 2011
4 Final List of Candiate going to contest:- 22th April2011
4. Date of Election : 06th May, 2011
5. Counting of ballots and declaration of results : 13th May
Gopalkrishen acharya, New Delhi  

similar situation in MP zone also. MP zonal council has not nominating anybody as presiding officer or sent list of members.

Hemkumar Parashar, AIR, Guna, MP

How election can be possible? No information regarding election in UP Zone.  Zonal council of UP has not nominated the Prisiding Officer nor sent the list of the members.  Some unkown reason behind this. 

Aswani Kumar Srivastava, AIR, Lucknow  



G.K.Acharya, New Delhi



G.K.Acharya, New Delhi


I agree with Gurinder Pal Singh. We the North-East people suffered a lot due to the by laws because some people using this law to sit in the HQ and making the Zonal Council for their own. I have already discussed the matter with Shri Thakur who said that if the locality prefers any candidate from outside zonal capital then it can be done and he has no objection. I also sent a letter to NC requesting the need of change of the bye laws for smooth functioning of the zonal stations. I believe that We are living in a dynamic communication system where distance cannot stop us from providing service. All individual unit should write to NC.

Bapi, DDK, Dibrugarh, Assam 


The bye laws of the association must be changed before election. Why office bearers of Zonal Council elected will be elected from the H.Q. of Respective Zones only ? It must be modified and chance will be given to all units members to fight for any post of zonal council.

Gurinder pal singh
HPT, Doordarshan, Bundi, Rajasthan 


To avoid step mother behaviour to the left out cadres specially to LDC/UDC by depriving the pay parity benifit which has already granted to others in Prasar Bharati at the time of switch over to P.B from GOI. GOM is requested to take appropiate decision at an earliest to enable to accept section 11 of P.B act.
Panchanan Mandal, UDC, CCW,Kolkata.
Contact -9038410912 (M)
Unit Secratary ADASA, CCW UNIT.

Hello, this is R. N. Mishra ZS, ADASA from Patna. Due to net problem, I couldn't respond over the comments passed on my views.  First of all, I want to know about the person/persons, who is running this blog. Because, these people doing some useful work but behind the curtain of this useful work, they involve to criticise the working pattern and activities of the association. They openly condemn the National Council, who is our topmost governing body. But they never condemn ARTEE and PSA who have been trying from very beginning to protest the fulfilling the demand of upgraded payscale to administrative staff. They provoke the authority of Prasar Bharati and MIB against us. Why not the founder of this blog work or write against the motto of other association ?  In fact, we can achieve our demand with the help of each and every members. We should support our National Council and shouldn't criticise. I think, blogger will agree wid m and do in favour of adasa and not for others. 

This is the followup and your subsequent response to my earlier message on 7th July. Your prompt response shows shows the dedication and zeal. I salute your sincerety. Surely, Administrative staff is waking up from slumber and getting modern, which our older colleagues could not visualise. had they been a little more active our cader would not have decayed so much. Anyway better late than never. I have a suggestion.. if you guys from AP could open a new link on website for question/answer session. That is members of adasa from all over the country could send their queries and questions regarding transfer policy or payment of allowances or other related issues, and you guys from AP would reply the questions and substantiate your answer with rules/regulations/ court judgements etc. This will keep the adasa members informed and help them to fight for their individual/collective cases. I am sure your guys from AP have the opportunity and exposure to the modern events and as such are in a better position to address the issues.

Thanks and good luck.

Jatindar, Jammu.

Dear Sir, Reference is invited to the Minutes of National Council held at Pune from 18th to 19th Feb. 2010 where in the following is published:  "5. ELECTION OF NATIONAL COUNCIL/ZONAL COUNCIL. The president informed that the terms of the present NC/Zonal Council has expired in 2009 and therefore ratification of the NC is required for its continuous working. He informed that all the process of new election should be completed by June, 2010 to enable the new body to function from July, 2010 onwards. Members expressed their solidarity and accordingly unanimously agreed to ratify the extended period of the NC/Zonal Council upto June, 2010 and for announcement and other process of new election for NC/Zonal Election a notification will be issued shortly by President & General Secretary in consultation with National Council Members. Now may i know when will the general election of ADASA national and Zonal Council be held?  Leagally is the present body is valid today and if so up to which period?  


Sub: Request for grant of ACP for SSC Recruits with espect to the year of examination Ref: 1) Min. of Home Affairs O.M. No.31016/3/3/99 – A d/I(B) Dated 01.11.2002 ) SD, AIR, Patna Order No.1 (2)2007/ACP dated 29.03.2007 3. LDC, AIR,Tuticoirn (TN). year of exam 1986. Date of appointment : 23.08.1989. This is required to know the result about the case for granting of ACP with respect to the year of SSC Examination. The LDCs working in AIR, Patna Zone have been granted similar benefits vide SD, AIR, Patna order dated 29.03.2007. You are kindly requested to give clarification in this regard and if it so, please furnish full particulars to go for further move. 

S. Alagu Kanthaswamy.

 Hello Friend, First of all, I want to greet u for launching this blog. This is a gud work at first sight. But what do doing and what is the true purpose for your such communication, I dont know. Here, it is very important to think over one point, i.e., whether one can get anything through the website, whether website or blog is meant to achieve each and everything in human's life ?? Definitely, answer is NO. Wesite and Blog is only for the purpose of communication and nothing else. Second point, it is not necessary to give each and every information on blog. For a small period, you may prove himself as a hero in the eyes of general members. You can say to the members the blog is more prompt in giving information. But you are not right my frind. Suppose, your family work on some matter confidentially, which will ultimately reflect your future, then if you reveal this matter to another, who may damage you in that case, whether your action is perfect ????? Everyone thinks that he is doing only right work and this is not fit. The certification of other persons in this regard gives the true picture. Now, I want to tell some bitter fact, pl. accept this. This is known fact that human's birth sysytem has been coming from countless year. Husband sleeps with her wife and makes her pregnant. Whether it is suitable for his/her other children to know his father's each and every action of his father and her mother, in which night her night got pregenant. But, my dear friend, you have been doing the same things since this blog had started. Everytime, you have tried to go into each matter and reveal all the small and important matter thru the blog. You should know, this blog is open and apart from ADASA members, other members of AIR/DD also read. Whether other members can be the wellwisher of ADASA members. NO, No and NO. They can do only one thing......digging deep dig for us. Hence.....beware friend...... Otherwise, you will give only throne prickle to the members of ADASA. What I want to say can understand..... Hence, press ur brain, open your eyes, ears and write in this blog which should be known to our members but IT SHOULD NOT HARM...... Members other than ADASA are if not our enemies then they are not our friend....... Our small fault will through us in hell forever. Pl. understand and do accordingly. Bye

Rajeev Nayan Mishra, Zonal Secretary, ADASA, Bihar


Dear Rajeev, You have suggested some thing with your little brain.  But,  as you think the meet of GOM is not an affair of Wife and Husband.  It is an open issue. The government has also issued a press note on the decisions taken on GOM on the same day after the meeting and the news was covered in the news papers and webs, probably you may not aware.  As a secretary of your zone try to inform the developments to your members but dont try to keep them in dark.  

Comments : 

Padhu, Chennai. 


Good Evening members... I strongly condemned the above recd mail...And my point views are...
1. For telling or posting a truth / or minutes of the meeting is not a big crime...What is wrong in it...? And Why should we hiding it... (the last GOM 16.04.2010 minutes was also kept under confidential... But how long...? It was forwarded to all kendras / stations by PB itself to implement the decision of GOM...) 
2. If Sri has not posted, definitely I will post it... Bcoz every members are eagerly waiting to know the fate of us (A dream of Decade)... (Since it was told ..."Everything settled / tagged / tabled... Only GOM has to convene...)
3. First of all we are not living in the olden age... Nowadays each and everything of news around d world reaches within no time thru electronic media...
4. I think Mr.Rajeev may not be knowing that other sites also cover this news... I can tell some of d sites address which carry yesterday's Meeting.
5. Finally, before posting this type of comment, he should control his way of writing and he also cant act as a hero in the eyes of general members by the way of this kind of mails...

BAPI DEY, Dibrugarh:
I don't understand what the guy wants to teach us. He is definitely a cracked footpath philosopher and We should avoid him.

Miniumesh, Ahmedabad :

In this age of transparency we should thank this media, thru which we all can communicate and inform our members about the happenings in the govt . We are the affected people...and there is nothing wrong in discussing matters that concern our careers...!!!. It is not as if we are cheating anybody by putting up posts. We all should walk on the same path towards our goal. Of course there r people who think in different ways....each to his own opinion...!!!

He might have want to become HERO to the people who hate the transparency, but the newspapers, tv channels and other sites are going 24x7 hrs in enlightening the people. This he has to kept in his mind while commenting.
The language & expressions used are not only to be condemned but also intimate the same to him by all ADASA members. So friends let all the ADASA members must send a condemning mail to him to safeguard the interests of ADASA. ONE CANNOT STOP THE SUNLIGHT WITH NAKED HANDS, dear friend dont try for it. 

First, I strongly condemn the language used by Mr.Rajeev Nayan Mishra and the theories he tried to explain, in his write up. He also should know that everyone in this forum are educated and know their limits. As this is an open forum he has every right to put his point through in a critical or pleasing way. I also understand Mr.Mishra's concern that National Council will not be in a position to divulge every bit of the information or the plan of theirs in a forum or a site like this. He has also expressed his concern that other than ADASA members are also viewing the blog, open news in the blog may hamper the progress. My concern which I had expressed earlier on this site also requests the persons posting articles or write ups not to write anything which dampens the spirits of our cadre. My friends who have commented on this blog item have commented in a sudden rush of anger challenging and expressing words of anger and vengeance. My sincere and humble request to all is to manage every situation among ourselves in a better possible way helping each other, by our ideas, because all are our cadre, we will make healthy comment and not express ire on anyone. Yes Media is fast, news travels faster than lightning and reaches everyone in no time. But I want all our friends to maintain a bit of caution in posting NEWS which will panic our cadres. Now lastly, I want ask each and everyone of our cadre who are not satisfied with the role of the National Council on the GOM decision. What you feel that the National Council of ADASA should have done on the GOM decision of constituting a Pay Anomaly Committee. Kindly post your comments.